using my music (licensing)

Q: Do I need to ask permission to use your songs?

A: You don't need to ask me to use my music if you want to use my music in these ways:

  • Background music for a video (like a vlog, speedpaint, etc)
  • Animation
  • Various personal projects, like for school
  • Live events (like DJing)
  • Store/restaurant playlists
  • Livestreaming

For background music, animation, and personal projects, you ABSOLUTELY MUST credit me as "Vylet Pony", and, wherever applicable, featured vocalists, musicians, and artists. Failure to do this will open you up to legal consequences. I'm totally fine with you using my music in these ways, but you NEED to respect these details. You are also required to link back to at least my YouTube; all other social media is optional.

Q: Can I monetize videos that use your music?

A: Heck yeah! Go ahead. You're just free advertising for me :)

Q: when do i need to ask permission to use your songs then?

A: We'll have to chat if you want to use my music in these ways:

  • Movie soundtrack
  • Video game soundtrack
  • Promotional channels & accounts* (please read below for more info on this)

*Promo groups refers to the type of accounts like Monstercat. MrSuicideSheep, DubstepGutter, etc; places that reupload other peoples' music. Under no circumstances can you reupload my music anywhere, as is. If you are a promotional group that wants to reupload my music, you need to email me about it. Otherwise, I have no problem getting you shadowbanned for it. 


If for whatever reason you want to chat about music usage, head over to my contact page.