On this page I'll be detailing a few important people involved in my work as a musician as well as crediting creators for the use of their artwork/photos on this site.



Otherwise known as Misocosmis, Yok a fandom-based artist & graphics designer. She is behind my official logo/branding stuff. Her work stands out to a high degree, making her perhaps my favourite artist out of all the fandoms out there.

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Undoubtedly the most important mind behind so much of the music, Izzy goes by the name Sylver for his online persona. We met in Kindergarten and have been growing up together ever since. Around 2011, we started creating music together. When it came time to take on a more more marketable name, we both named ourselves after misspelt colours. Major contributions of his include work on Lotus, Super Pony World, and Mystic Acoustics as a musician and songwriter.

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He's the skill behind much of the iconic art that has surfaced through my music. Alu has done the art for my albums Love Letters and, most famously, Mystic Acoustics. His styles entail gorgeous landscaping and colourfully expressive characters.

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Web Design: Vylet

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