Vylet Pony


I can make music for you.

Yep! There may be a lot of reasons you'd want music. Maybe you have a YouTube channel that needs a theme song, or you're a video game developer that needs a soundtrack. Whatever the case, let's talk about it.

I cover a wide range of styles and genres and my pricing is rather flexible. You can find examples of my commission work here.



Music Production & Composition:

  • $50-100 // 30-60 second song

  • $200-400 // 2-5 minute song

  • $400-600 // 6-10 minute song

  • $2,000-4,000 // up to 10 song soundtrack

  • $4,000-10,000 // up to 20 song soundtrack

Vocals & Voice Acting:

  • $150+ // Standard singing feature (+$10 for Lyrics)

  • $??? // Voice Acting (I’ve not done much voice acting work, so this is entirely negotiable)

Most commissions will conform to this pricing guide, but some things must be negotiated or worked out in the end. This should just give you a good idea on what to expect.

So if you want to have some music made, feel free to move on to the contact page.



Contact me here.

  • Discord: VYLET#0001

  • Email: vyletpony@gmail.com

Otherwise, use the form below. (Please put ‘Commission Inquiry” for your subject if you are contacting me about a commission or quote please!)

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