Hi. I’m Io, and I make music.

But you can call me Declan, Vylet, or Io!

I’m a musician and singer from California. I write, compose, produce, mix, and master all of my material. I’m not limited to a genre, I make just about everything I can get interested in! If you’ve never heard my music before, you should check out my portfolio or my releases.

As a furry & brony — and general nerd — most of my music entails references and branding of pop culture and stuff. My original characters (OC), like Vylet, are

used as personas for myself and help me stay immersed in an escapism aesthetic. The real world is boring, dude.

I’ve released several mildly successful albums, like Super Pony World, Mystic Acoustics, and Homeward; those will give you a good idea of what I’m capable of. Additionally I’ve worked alongside popular creators such as Lupis Vulpes, The Living Tombstone, and others.