Heya! My name is Declan, but I go by Vylet around here. I'm a singer, songwriter, and producer from San Francisco, California. Currently, I'm attending college for a degree in General Business. Even though I've been primarily self-taught as a musician, I've had guidance from friends and family throughout the years; they are the heart and soul of who I am as a creator.

     It's hard to describe my style of music because I've set out to make every genre I'm interested in. I create anywhere from Classical, Dubstep, R&B, Rock, Jazz, Folk, and Hip Hop. I sing as well as play piano, drums, guitar, and ukulele primarily. I grew up listening to progressive rock bands like Genesis, King Crimson, Yes, and many more. As I became a teenager, my music tastes developed and expanded; eventually I discovered electronic music. I was so into it that I quickly began to experiment with various programs to make it myself. At first I became oriented towards a generic brand of EDM, but with experience I began to push myself as a musician. I like telling stories through music and I'm always seeking to immerse listeners in something bigger than a simple tune.

     I'm a furry as well as being a part of several online-based fandoms including My Little Pony, Pokemon, and League of Legends communities. You'll find that a lot of music (and I mean a lot) is geared towards the culture I'm a part of.